High Speed Ampoule Filling Machine, Eight Head Ampoule Filling Machine

AFS – 200C High Speed Closed Ampoule Filling Machine is suitable to fill and seal pre sterile type D closed ampoules. Machine is suitable to fill 1ml to 10ml ampoules with production output up to 200 ampoules per minute.

Machine is having ampoule opening, filling & nitrogen gas purging, pre heating and sealing operations. All operations are in line and subsequently ampoules are automatically collected in outfeed collection tray. For more information please visit our website www.ampoulefillingmachine.in OR write us on info@adinath.co.in

Adinath International offer wide range of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food machinery. We manufacture filling, packaging, labeling machines for ampoules, vials, bottles, tubes, containers, jars and other wide range of packings. We manufacture custom made machines as per user requirements.
We have a rich experience setup of pharmaceutical manufacturing unit including IV fluids, Injectables, Tablet, Capsule, Liquid orals, Liquid externals, Powders, Bulk drugs, Hard & soft gelatin capsules manufacturing unit, Ayurvedic manufacturing unit. We have machine installations in United States , Europe, Nigeria , Kenya , Zambia ,Bangladesh ,United Arab Emirates , Tanzania , Mozambique , Argentina ,Bahrain ,Congo , Egypt ,Iraq ,Nepal ,Saudi Arabia , South Africa , Sri Lanka , Thailand ,United Kingdom ,Afghanistan , Armenia , Bulgaria , Cameroon , Djibouti ,Eritrea ,Georgia ,Ghana ,Namibia ,Pakistan ,South Korea ,Spain , Sudan , Venezuela , Vietnam , Uganda , Mozambique ,United Arab Emirates ,Kenya ,Egypt ,United States , Zambia , Ghana , Nepal , Fiji , Oman ,Bhutan ,Congo ,China ,Germany ,Iran ,Malaysia ,Pakistan , South Africa ,Cameroon ,Canada ,Israel ,Philippines ,Russia ,Saudi Arabia ,Thailand ,Turkey ,Vietnam , Yemen etc.

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Automatic Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machines

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