Eight Head Ampoule Filling Machine, 8 Head Ampoule Filling Machine

http://adinathpharma.com/ Eight Head Ampoule Filling Machine including High Speed Ampoule Filling Machine servo based machine having auto fill volume adjustments from the HMI screen of the machine. Machine suitable to fill 1ml to 10ml ampoules with minimum changeover parts. Eight Head Ampoule Filler is having eight heads for liquid filling, 8 nozzles for pre nitrogen purging and 8 needles for post nitrogen purging. 16 burner nozzles provided out of which 8 uses for pre heating and 8 uses for sealing of ampoules.

We have different variants in the machine for Type B & C open mouth ampoules and Type D closed mouth ampoules. 8 head ampoule filling machine is capable to fill up to 12000 ampoules per hour.

Our 8 Head Ampoule FIller is having below Features:

– Compact GMP model
– Servo / Stepper motor based filling mechanism.
– Automatic Fill Volume Adjustments from HMI screen.
– 8 Filling Heads, 16 Nitrogen Needles and 16 Burner Nozzles.
– All contact parts made from AISI SS 316L & other Non-contact parts made
from AISI SS 304.
– Minimum change over parts from 1ml to 10ml ampoule size
– “No Ampoule – No Filling” system
– Ampoule neck centering during gas flushing and filling operations
– Possibility of nitrogen gas flushing before, during and after filling
– Full accessibility allows easy maintenance
– Machine equipped with pre-warming station
– Minimum change over time, little maintenance & easy cleaning

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