Sterile Powder Filling Machine

Sterile Powder Filling Machine

Sterile Powder Filling Machine is suitable to fill injectable powder into vials. The precision built welded steel frame is encompassed with stainless steel sheets with access doors for servicing the machine.

All parts coming in contact with container, powder and rubber stopper or exposed to the atmosphere are made of stainless steel for long life.

Salient Features

  • Compact GMP model.
  • “No Vial, No Filling” system eliminates wastage of costly powder.
  • Multiple Dosing System.
  • High Volumetric Filling Accuracy of ± 1% of uniform density Injectable powder can be ensured by setting the depth of piston in the port of powder wheel.
  • Built-in Rubber Stoppering Unit saves lot of space in the Sterile Area & reduces the length of Laminar Flow.
  • Individual drive for the filling & sealing to match the speed of filling & sealing.
  • All motors are provided with appropriate contractors and relays for the protection against any overload or jamming.
  • Safety clutch system to avoid Vial breakage.
  • Variable Frequency Drive for speed control.
  • All contact parts are easily removable for mandatory Autoclaving/ Sterilization.
  • Digital counter for counting production output.

Process Operation

The sterilized powder is stored in powder hopper is agitated by pair of mechanical agitators for maintaining consistency and uniform bulk density. The powder wheel having eight ports rotates at the pre determined speed below the powder hopper with practically no clearance. Powder wheel consist of Piston in each port and behind the powder wheel vacuum plate is provided there is no clearance between powder wheel and vacuum plate due to back spring pressure. Precise volume of powder is sucked in to the port of powder wheel during vacuum according to the piston length different fill size can be achieved. The excess powder is doctored off by a doctor blade. Doctor blades can be adjusted from outside also without removing powder hopper. When powder wheel indexes further and remain in the port due to the vacuum till it reaches just vertically above the container. The time dose of Compressed air (Nitrogen Gas), sterilized low pressure air sequentially flushes out powder from the port of powder wheel in to the container one by one.

The filled containers are immediately separated on the conveyor by vial separator and moves further for stoppering operation. (Different grooves separator can be used which depends on the container diameter or multiple dosing systems).

The sterilized, siliconised, rubber stoppers stored in the vibrator bowl moves to vibratory bowl and stacked vertically in the rubber stopper chute. The container is hold firmly between pair or timing belt to pickup rubber stopper from exit end of the chute. Further the container is passed between two pressing roller for tight fit fixing of rubber stopper

Technical Specification

Model APF-120 APF-240
Production Rate Up to 100 Vials/Minute Up to 200 Vials/Minute
Input Specification Container Diameter: Container Height: Rubber Stopper: 25mm to 38mm
36mm to 75mm
20mm, 28mm & 30mm Butyl
Fill Capacity 50 mg. to 1.5 gms with the help of change parts. Up to 6 gms filling by multiple dosing
Accuracy ± 1% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density of Injectable Powder under controlled level of humidity (Below 28% Rh)
Optional Accessories: Pure Air Filter, Vacuum Pump
Oil Free Air Compressor
Online Pre-Media Filling Arrangement
Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI
Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine
Utility Compressed Air: Vacuum: Relational Humidity: Max. 2 Kg./Cm² Oil Free
25 Hg. @ 300 LPM Displacement
Below 28%
Overall Dimension 2100mm (L) X 850mm (W) X 1750mm (H) approx. 2700mm (L) X 850mm (W) X 1750mm (H) approx.
  (Dimension include main machine with in-feed turn table)
Contact Parts Note: Electrical characteristics can be adjusted as per customer’s requirements.
* Rights of technical improvement & modification reserved. * Illustration & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.
* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.